I love learning new things; finding new sources for inspiration and through endless hours of scrolling I’ve found several sources of learning and inspiration. Here on this page you’ll find what inspires and brightens me, whether it’s for coding, designing or just fun stuff.



My favorite source of free high quality images from photographers around the world.


Another great source of free high quality images which also lets you directly choose what size you want your image to be.


Great looking open-source illustrations with possibility to choose your own main color.


Pangram Pangram

A small type foundry with well designed typefaces that also lets you try them for free in your projects.

Google Fonts

Does it need any further presentation; free web fonts for your projects.


Emmet Cheat sheet

Cheat sheet that helps you boost your productivity in coding.

Write better CSS

Useful article that shows how to write better, smarter and more re-usable code.


Block Element Modifer – methodology that helps you to create reusable components and code sharing in front-end development.